May 2023

Both Vortec and our sister brand – Paxton Products – offer air knife solutions for can and bottle drying applications. We understand your solution is as unique as your application, so whether your production line is large or small we have an air knife solution for you.

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Video: Vortec Air Nozzles for Blow Off

Ideal for water blow off applications, vortec nozzles amplify air to offer pin point blow off for hard to reach areas. Vortec air nozzles can also be used in many applications where particle or dust blow off is needed. WATCH NOW>>

Case Study: Mini Cold Air Gun Keeps Blades Cool for Over 20 Years

Faced with using messy liquid coolant to keep his blades cool, a knife manufacturer purchased a Vortec Mini Cold Air Gun to keep his blades cool, and it worked for over 20 years! READ MORE>>

Product Spotlight: Vortec Cooling Vest

Workers in extreme temperatures wear Vortec Cooling Vests (VCVs) to stay cool by minimizing heat stress and fatigue.  The VCV's improve comfort and productivity. LEARN MORE>>