April 2023

With the temperatures rising as summer approaches, employee safety should be at the top of mind if you work in extreme temperatures. Vortec Cooling Vests offer a quick and cost-effective solution to keeping employees safe, cool and comfortable in the hot summer months.

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Video: The Vortec Cooling Vest

The newly redesigned Vortec Cooling Vest directs cold air around the torso for continuous body cooling, to prevent heat stress and improve productivity. WATCH NOW>>

Case Study: Ensuring Continuous Use Control Panels Don't Overheat

A control panel builder faced an overheating issue with many of their control panels once they are installed in their customers environments. Vortec ACs created an interior cooling solution. READ MORE>>

Product Spotlight: Hot Air Gun

Hot Air Guns are used where milder heat is needed as compared to an electric heat gun. It is ideal for pre-heating of parts, processes and solutions, with an output flow rate of 2-8 scfm; and is also widely used for softening adhesives, rubber and vinyl, and accelerating drying. LEARN MORE>>