March 2023

With the new Vortec website, ordering Vortec products is easier than ever. The new webshop offers a range of benefits:

✅ Comprehensive product selectors
✅ Searchable product catalog
✅ Visible inventory levels
✅ Account order history
✅ Live support with engineers

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Video: How to Change the Generator in a Cold Air Gun

A Vortec Application Engineer, with 33 years of application experience, will show you how to take apart a cold air gun to inspect the generator. WATCH NOW>>

Case Study: Vortec Chills Out Control Panels in Food Manufacturing Plant

A control panel at an ice cream manufacturer frequently overheated during the summer, resulting in shutdowns & loss of production. By installing a Vortex A/C on the electrical panels, they were able to keep production running & save costs in downtime. READ MORE>>

Product Spotlight: Air Flow Amplifiers

Air Flow Amplifiers deliver a large airflow for conveying, drying, cooling, or fume extraction & ventilation. These high flow, bladeless blowers have no moving parts so they are inherently safe. LEARN MORE>>