November 2022

Meet the new

Redesigned with the user in mind, the Vortec website has undergone some changes to create a better overall digital experience. Take a tour of our new features to get the most out of your online experience. 


Video: Meet the new

Take a virtual tour of the newly designed Vortec website. With new product pages, product selectors, literature and video libraries, new distributor locator, improved cart functionality and more.


Case Study: Vortex Cooling Ensure Low Cabinet Humidity

Titan Sales determined the total heat load in the enclosure based on Jeff's inputs and compressed air conditions. The Vortex A/C 7715 NEMA 4/4X enclosure cooler was the best solution, a model that uses 15 scfm of compressed air to produce 900 btuh of cooling and required no electricity to operate. READ MORE>>

Product Spotlight: Air Knives

Air Knives are air amplifiers, using a small amount of filtered compressed air to deliver a powerful, high velocity, laminar sheet of air over wide areas such as moving webs, film, sheets, strips, auto bodies, and other large assemblies and objects. LEARN MORE>>