August 2022

A Quick Guide to Enclosure Cooler Maintenance

Nothing in life is ever as simple as ‘set it and forget it', but if there was, compressed air enclosure coolers are about as close as it gets. Once you install the cooler on your enclosure or cabinet, attach the compressed air line, and you are in business. For a quick and easy installation process, check out our Vortex A/C's.


Vortec Drum Pump Helps United Airlines' Jets for Over 10 Years

As Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, Kosanke bears responsibility for handling a rigorous series of checks each airplane must pass before being approved to return to flight rotation. One of the tools these aviation mechanics rely on to move the planes efficiently through the maintenance process is Vortec’s Dual-Force Vac Drum Pump.


New Leadership at ITW Air Management, Vortec

ITW Air Management has appointed Tyler Derus as the new Business Unit Manager. This change in leadership is due to the retirement of the current Business Unit Manager, Barbara Stefl.

For 11 years, Barbara has led both brands under the ITW Air Management umbrella – Vortec and Paxton Products.

Tyler will continue his current role as Business Unit Manager of Pillar Technologies in Hartland, WI in addition to ITW Air Management. 

“This is an exciting time for ITW Air Management and Pillar Technologies,” commented Tyler. “Each organization has towering strengths which we will leverage across our four brands to drive customer satisfaction and fuel growth for years to come.”


Keeping it Cool with Vortex

Thermal testing has proven that natural convection cooling is not adequate for today’s smaller, high power density enclosures. Heat dissipation by forced convection (fan cooling) is the most frequently used method of cooling. Forced air-cooling systems can provide heat transfer rates that are ten times greater than those achievable with natural convection and radiation, but even this is not adequate to cool faster electronic components when they are located in hostile plant environments.