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Whether cleaning, drying, coating or conveying, food processors and packagers rely on Paxton Air Blower Systems to improve their production. Paxton's Air Systems replaces compressed air systems with 1/5 of the energy usage while improving sanitiation of crates, trays, pans, and, conveyors, product quality, and line speeds. Click here to learn more about Paxton Products' Food Packaging and Processing Solution.

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For over 60 years, Paxton has led the industry in innovation and design of centrifugal blowers for blow-off and drying systems for the manufacturing industry. Paxton Products has its roots in the development of the first high-performance supercharger in 1957. This same technology was used to create the first centrifugal blowers for industrial applications in the 1970s. Paxton Products not only offers superior products but also provides unrivaled engineering expertise and an industry-best warranty of 3 years compared to their competitors’ 1-year warranty. Within the 60 years plus of operation, Paxton has gained industry expertise to make us the preferred solution for drying and blow-off applications around the world.© ITW Paxton Products 2020