Vortec Dual-Force Vac Drum Pumps

A convenient and versatile solution for liquid material handling and spill clean up

The Vortec Advantage

Vortec Dual Force Vac Drum Pumps use filtered compressed air and transvector technology to provide a convenient and versatile solution for liquid material handling and spill cleanup. 

The Drum Pump can either fill or discharge a 55-gallon drum in under two minutes. It switches easily -- with a 1/4 turn of a knob -- from fill to discharge mode. Quiet and safe, the Dual Force Vac is compressed air-powered with no moving parts, meaning no motor burn out and no shock hazard. It quickly installs on a 55-gallon drum and comes with a 10-foot hose and nozzles. An optional aluminum wand and squeegee are available to facilitate spill pick up. 

    Product Benefits

  • Fast pick up or discharge - fills or empties a drum in less than 2 minutes
  • Handles liquids up to 150 cPs
  • Safe with no shock hazard
  • Low maintenance, with no motor or moving parts
  • Automatic safety shut off prevents overflows, Relief valve limits internal drum pressure to 1.6 bar (8 psig)
  • Wand and squeegee kit handle large floor spills

      Meet The Product

One simple solution to help you manage liquid handling and spill clean up. 

              Dual Force Vac - Drum Pump

The Dual Force Vac Drum Pump operates in two modes: FILL mode and DISCHARGE mode; it fills or empties a 55-gallon drum in less than two minutes. It is ideal for cleaning up spills and sumps, even with viscous liquids and particulates; and for material handling. No motors to burn out and no shock hazards.


      Easy to Use


"Our cleaning process became faster and more streamlined when we switched to Vortec Drum Pumps. Their products simply last longer and work better."

- Kosanke, United Air Lines

Our History

As the first company to develop technology for converting the vortex tube phenomenon into effective industrial cooling applications, ITW Vortec prides itself on providing the best innovative compressed air solutions in the industry.

Since 1961 we have continued to refine and expand vortex tube applications and develop air amplification products.  Purchased by Illinois Tool Works in 1990, Vortec is housed the under the ITW Air Management business unit and works alongside Paxton Products to design quality engineered air systems.

Our Dual-Vorce Vac Drum Pumps are back by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

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